“The best” of “a bumper crop of books about vegetable gardening,” “breezy, cantankerous, and funny.”

Dominique Browning, The New York Times


Rodale has just published my first gardening book.  In it, I argue that a vegetable garden should be what it once was: a normal part of running a household.

I’ve been growing beautiful food for almost two decades now. And I’ve taken so much out of my vegetable garden over the years--for such limited effort on my part--that I’ve long considered non-gardeners faintly crazy.

Now, however, we are arriving as a nation at an economic, political, environmental, and epidemiological moment when it clearly is crazy not to grow a little food in backyard.

I wrote this book to help you begin.


“Michele Owens is truly the most eloquent, cosmopolitan, and opinionated garden writer since Katherine White.”

Amy Stewart, author of Wicked Plants

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